The civil war in South Sudan has taken a heavy toll on children. South Sudanese children have suffered from violence, displacement, lack of schooling, and forced recruitment into the army has taken a toll. Many orphan children trapped in the limbo of displaced camps within the country for several years where the future looks bleak. more than 1 million South Sudanese children are at risk of dying from hunger and curable communicable diseases. Due to the previous civil war, more than 1.2 million South Sudanese children need psychological assistance. Many of these children have been forcibly made orphans and have seen shocking brutality shootings and machete killings, gang rapes and sexual torture, assaults, and village burnings. The children in South Sudan, though formidable in their resilience, have now experienced war, witnessed violence, and have lost both parents. The way in which these childhoods have been interrupted shall have long-term negative consequences on their emotional, cognitive, and social development. Therefore, we invite you to join the ministry of supporting and raising these vulnerable orphans. As such, our collective responsibility is to change our planet for a better future for our kids.

The Foundation Vision

All children, particularly orphans, need a safe place to grow. Caring for orphans and nurturing them with the basics like food and clean clothes and access to education, increases the likelihood of them becoming positive members of their communities. Changing their narrative from being vulnerable to resilient.

The Foundation Mission

Our Mission is a loving center for those poor kids who had lost their parents due to civil wars and global pandemics. This center is to provide generous support for these kids fostering, enormous capacity building for building, physical. Spiritual and emotional counseling healing for better growth for better tomorrow.


Build a centre for orphans
Build school
Assist with shelter
Provide medical facility
Encourage and support sporting activities
Provide a feeding centre
Assist with to provide non-food items
Aim to establish counselling venue for the war-traumatise victims
Provide physical. Spiritual and emotional counselling
Source out volunteer medical and counsellors

The foundation appeals to good wishers for the following contribution

Monetary contribution

General Non-food items

Gifts to Orphans


Key successful project

  1. Acquisition of school land
  2. Orphan registration centre/ office.

Our Team


Australia contact

6 Rylands Road Dandenong Vic 3175.

If you have any questions about our organization and Charity programs feel free to contact us any of the below methods. We are looking forward to hear from you!


South Sudan Address

Juba, Town 211-11 Central Equatoria

nationalcoordinator@greentownorphancentre.org; josephchankang@gmail.com.
+211-918-403-537; +211-920-353-337
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